Artvibrations is the website on which I publish my work. My name is Hans Bertrand, after a break of 15 years I started 4 years ago making work again.

Artvibrations, vibrations are repetitive movements around a resting point.
Continuously moving around some central themes that is what making art is to me.


Which way in?

First to recognize the entrance,
then to choose
whether or not
to pass over the threshold.

What once was an upright rectangle or square
May now be a circle.

All may lead to the same corridor
or may open up onto a separate space.

Why can a door not be a circle?
Inviting movement, it does not need any specific shape
to serve its purpose.

One door may be more difficult to enter than another
And yet its form may be unquestionably more suitable
To service the space it fills.

The circle appears to be one line without an end,
but is rather a point that continues onward
endlessly completing its form.

Sometimes visible and sometimes like a ghost,
it always seems to move,
but may also fade into the mist.

Another shape may be more troublesome
to maintain.
Why then make that choice?
Perhaps that is the reason for the choice.

Shapes do not end easily.
They may metamorphose
or disappear.

Rows of circles or rows of boxes,
Joined together or split apart;
Ragged rails or pointed arrows
may jolt the senses and move,
or seem to move,
or force the motionless to move,
Looking for an entrance or the way out,
Injecting, on occasion,
into moments that could even appear inert,
with a force and impact definitively their own.

Space inside or space surrounding?
In what space are new things to be found?

What was once set as an established form
may suddenly be torn asunder.
Reversals and evolutions,
the explosion of internal revolutions,
are bound, in their extremes, to lead to further doors.

Dwelling for one instant
inside another space,
One may come unexpectedly to discover a unique and undetected door:
A place where the space can be renewed.

(copyright text © John Hartnett 2021)